Smart tips to save on your wedding decor

The best thing about having an awesome Vendor list? We get to pick their brains for just about everything. So we asked them, the guys who make your venue look like a fairytale, to tell us some good hacks through which users can cut down their decor budget without compromising on the overall look. This is what they had to say.

Tip 1: Select more of floor designs | Hangings and Suspended elements add to the cost
One can select more things like Urlis, Huge Rangolis, Props to be placed on floor rather than Chandeliers, Hanging Frames etc. This would help reduce the space, make the event look fuller and make the decor stress free, less time consuming. People relate to things they can touch or feel closer to the human body and of course this makes it quite cheap.
Tip 2: Use more diyas and candles | Less of flowers.
Using diyas and tea light candles instead of flowers has a few advantages . Not only is it more cost effective, it fills up more space, it has its own illumination so saves cost for lighting and it can look traditional/ contemporary depending on the arrangement and props used along with it

Tip 3: Use printed linen such as table covers, cushion covers etc | This reduces the need for flowers as the heavy prints give a decorated look
We always recommend that people use linen which already has print in it. This helps people to use lesser flowers as the heavy look is already there due to the prints. You could even go for beautiful rich banarsi prints that give a regal look.

Tip 4: Use Origami , Paper on your mehendi to cut down on flower cost | You can also look at artifiical florals.

We recently did a mehendi where we used Origami props in different shapes to create a fun, funky look. Given how affordable paper is – this significantly reduced the decor cost. We also interspersed Artificial flowers in between as they work out cheaper than real ones

Tip 5 : Reuse Space | Use your wedding stage as a mandap later on if you have late night feras.

While a lot of venues would already have a seperate Mandap and a seperate stage, when the budget is tight – having a simple rearrangement of the stage in five minutes can turn it into a mandap for your ceremony later on. Get the crew working on it while the family has dinner after the photo session.

Tip 6: Choose flowers that are in season| Exotic in season flowers are cheaper than basic out of season flowers
You may absolutely LOVE a certain kind of flower, but if its not in season – you are looking at a doubling (or even tripling) of your decor cost. A quick trip to the flower market should open your eyes to some exquisite flowers that look imported, but are often cheaper than basic out of season flowers.

Tip 7: Use more Greenery, shrubery than flowers| If using florals- then get one type of flower in bulk.
If you buy one type of flower in bulk- this can work out cheaper than using multiple different types of flowers. Intersperse one gorgeous flower with lots of green shrubery and get it cheaper rate

Tip 8: Go creative with props for your mehendi | Use bangles as wall hangings, kites thrown across the room or just simple colored hankerchiefs tied together.

Tip 9: Go with framed florals

One of the hottest trends of 2014 has been framed florals- basically getting large , ornate photoframes that are full of flowers inside them . This works out cheaper because just 4-5 frames hung behind the stage gives the same, rich look that you would get if you did a regular arrangement of flowers spread out across the back, on the sides etc , and it utilises less amount of flowers for the same look.
See all our favourite decorators in your city here

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